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HQMT offers paid online medical transcription courses/training in Bangalore, any Indian City, across Asia, Middle East, USA, world, etc. with FREE OJT (on-the-job) training, free escription Editing courses, paid MT practical training online at home all the 7 subjects (like LOM, MT English/US English, US accent training/Phonetics/ Listening Comprehension Training, Essentials of MT practice, AHDI Book of Style/MT rules, correction reports analysis, QA feedbacks). Get free eScription-Editing Course with paid MT courses online/regular. For complete details mail or call 080-41699371 now.



Medical Transcription (MT) Training Details:

The HQMT Medical Transcription training program is an online e-learning virtual classroom program (also regular classroom training classes at Bangaluru)

The program consists of 500 study hours+600 hours of practical sessions (3-6 months)

HQMT Training is conducted by AHDI (USA) MT industry experienced professionals from India's Fist MNC-HealthScribe/Spheris since 1994.

Personal one-on-one online student-trainer interactive sessions given during all working hours (Monday to Saturday)

Study MT online at your own pace, place, and time, Anywhere, anytime.

Indian industry recognized certificate provided plus students can apply for RMT and CMT


Medical Transcription Career Features: 

Medical Transcription is a fast-growing, recession-proof career as per NASSCOM, US Dept of Labor, AHDI, etc.

Quick promotions purely based on merit and leadership qualities

Career levels progress from Medical Language Specialist, Editor, Quality Analyst, Team Leader, up to Manager

Success in this career depends on the effective and efficient training by industry-experienced professional trainers.

Good English comprehension, sound command over written English, passion for learning new things and good keyboard skills play a vital role in career growth

Home-based work possible based on Quality, TAT (turnaround time) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance.


Medical Transcription Industry:

The following points strongly indicate the robust growth of the Medical Transcription industry:-

Economic forecast that the American healthcare industry is expected to grow at a rate of 8% per annum Introduction of the 'Obama Care' Act to provide medical insurance coverage for nearly 40 million Americans before the year 2022 The pressing need of America’s aging population for more healthcare services necessitating more healthcare documentation work

The aging factor of America’s current Medical Transcription workforce Salary.

Salary growth is organic and starts approximately from Rs. upto 15 p.m. and goes upto 80,000 PM strictly based upon performance and incentives.


Educational Qualifications:

PUC, 10+2, Graduates, postgraduates for MT courses with eSCRIPTION.

Medicos and Paramedics like doctors, dental surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, physio, etc. for special editing courses.  

Good English comprehension & written skills with PC knoweldge.



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HQMT Terms and Conditions

1) HQMT’s main responsibilities include counseling; conducting live classes and online testes, providing correction reports of students; transcribed voice files, providing optional tech support  occasionally, giving timely feedbacks about students’ progress, assisting students to start successful home transcription careers, etc.

 2) After admission, students must try to complete the course within the stipulated time (for example 3 months, course can be extended further but at sole discretion of HQMT) by attending  classes regularly, taking online tests, and must transcribe  all the voice files/audio files/transcription dictation files provided in ....hqmt.com website with attention for minute details and upload for correction.  Student will be asked to reranscribe or proofread again if the file has lessthan 50% accuracy. Students must take full effort to transcribe and edit more than 500 voice files from all the  specialties and worktyps (easy, average, tough, ESL dictators, etc.) with less than 30 errors/1000 lines to become job ready.   This will help students to complete the course successfully and become job ready (either home based or office based)

 3) As educational institute, HQMT does not take any claims on warranties, performance claims, expiry of licenses, third-party software licenses, etc.  HQMT does not sell  or rent any hardwares,  softwares, books or 3rd party apps and so will not take any claims orresponsibilities of its usage or damage or warrantees.   Students must make full effort to solve their computer/internet/hardware/any other technical issues from their respective sellers/vendors/computer engineers.  Webex class support will be given by Cisco as HQMT pays to them.

4) Refund Policy:  Due to longterm commitment of various payments and service agreements with various vendors (like buildingowners, staff, trainers, web developers, publishers, ISPs, hosting services, advertisers, recruiters, etc.) and also fixed overhead and recruitment cost for every student.   As it is non refundable service fees, not a refundable bank deposit/loan, which will be spent for various service providers who do not refund any spent money to HQMT, so it is not possible to refund fees to students after joining or especially after providing technical support after giving access to www....hqmt.comafter attending even single live class.  Students must agree unconditionally to this 4th clause to proceedfurther with HQMT support or training or website access.  HQMT charges service fees for the purpose of training, not for the job, which means getting home or office job entirely depends upon students performance in the employment tests conducted by the recruitment companies, so getting or not getting job is not related to fees of students. No refund under any circumstances; if any issues arise, HQMT will solve it at its best in its capacity.

5) HQMT will deal only with students in case of any issues /complaints/ concerns but not with any relatives or family members as onlystudents have better understanding about HQMT training and MT course/industry/job, not others.  All legal disputes are subject to Bangalore jurisdiction only.

6) HQMT Assures you 100% job assistance (both homebased and office based across India) subject to successful completion andcertification [will send you HQMT Certificate via courier after successful completion of course after final theory and practical tests].

7) Students must take all the necessary steps to arrange proper infrastructure to study and work from home like at least 2 Gh intel PC,1 Gb Ram, foot pedal, headphone with mic, broadband internet with at least 512 to 2 mbps speed, internet security tool like Nortonor Kasperksy, etc.

8) Once students take the HQMT courses in particular name as registered in application form, fees recpt, she or he agrees to complete the course within stipulated time and also he/she understands that this course is nontransferable to his/her relatives/friends without written permission from HQMT which has final say in this matter. Also all the video tutorials created by HQMT with its copyright logo/info, study materials, online tests, all the teaching materials, online tests, dictation files, training tutorials of any nature is exclusively owned by HQMT and students who have access agrees unconditionally to use it during his or her course time only one time for study purpose only, and agree not to transfer, sell, copy to any storable devices, share in the web in whatsoever manner, or use in any unethical/illegal manner to cause any harm, violate the privacy/copyright issues. HQMT reserves all the rights over its ...hqmt.com website content and, therefore, can take necessary legal action as per court of law applicable in the country of candidates who had access to ...hqmt.com educational website without any legal jurisdiction.

9) By joining the HQMT course, by accessing mttraining..hqmt educational website, by taking HQMT tech support, by attending hqmt live classes, by asking hqmt website access via mail or phone or chat support, all the candidates unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions as mentioned in this document and bind legally to them. All the legal disputes are exclusively subject to Bangalore’s jurisdiction only. Also login ID and password of website access to .....hqmt.com may expire or may be changed periodically for security issues in which case it is students' responsibility to request for ID and pwd via the mail by sending all the details to info(@)hqmtindia.com or any other mail ID (not by chat or phone) for new ID and pwd and continue the course. This cannot be used as the reason for deficiency of service as students need to take all necessary steps to complete the course after joining it.

10) HQMT cannot be held responsible for any hardware/software issues (such as students' PC operating systems, internet speed, antivirus, security tools, privacy issues, hardware performance, any pirated OMs/softwares used by candidates) as it is a training institute, is not selling/renting any hardware/software, therefore, cannot be responsible for any warranty/performance issues/wear and tear, licensing issues, which can affect candidates' performance during practice/test thereby affecting the final test/client test/final test performance thereby affecting candidates' ability to get job/employment as he/she is solely responsible for his or her employment chances in the field of medical transcription (or medical coding/billing or other BPO jobs).