I joined HQMT from another institute where I could not learn MT properly.  After talking to some sernior MTs from many companies, I finally decided to enroll into HQMT.  After joining HQMT, I saw huge difference in training methodologies, feedback system, trainers' in-depth knowledge of MT work, etc.  Even though I am doctor, it is very important to learn LOM from US trainers which really help us to understand how the terms are pronounced in US accents as we transcribe files of US doctors, not Indian doctors.  Accent training, especially MAC Accent training developed by HQMT, helped us to understand difficult dictations and transcribe with 98.5% and above accuracy.   Dr. Farhana, working as home-based MT, exScriptoComm MT Company.

Hi, I am Anees, who joined HQMT Vijayanagar Branch in 2007 after visiting many instites in Bangalore.  What I liked most in HQMT, compared to other institutes, was powerful teaching methods using projector and 3D Medical Animations which made learning medical subjects very easy as we could repeat them many times.  Also, trainers had sound MT background from top MNCs like Spheris and Focus, so we got corporate training which helped me to get job in World's No.1 MT company at Airport Road, Bangalore, which was my reason of joining MT career.  I am proud to be HQMT student and MQ Employee.

 "I have completed training from HQMT and now working for CBay, Bangalore.  I am very much satisfied about HQMT training as they have given the job in World's No. 1 MT Co. I am very much impressed by the 3D Animations which helped to me understand medicine easily.  Practical Demo Classes of Live MT Jobs helped me to learn transcription process easily as we could clear doubts then and there itself.  Also, repeatedly watching LOM Video Classes from US doctors made us understand and remember medical terms easily as they were pronounced naturally by US trainers which also helped me to understand med terms in voice files" Pavan Shekar, HQMT-Trained Student working for CBay, Bangalore

"Hi, I am Mathew, who took training from HQMT in 2008 - I am very much satisfied about HQMT Training program as they have very well experienced trainers from reputed MNCs.  Now, I am working for as manager for MT company in Dubai  and earning very good salary package.  Thank You HQMT"