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What is Medical Transcription?


What is Easy Home Transcription Careers?  Easy Home Transcription includes Learning Medical Transcription and then Start Home Transcription Job Online for Medical Transcription Companies who outsource MT projects to your home no matter which city you belongs. Due to internet, there is no distance barrier. Once you become job ready (means you are ready to transcribe with client-ready accuracy and at least 400 lines per day), you can get training+certificate from HQMT and then will assist you to take online test for MT companies who outsource work to candidates' homes.


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How to Get Easy Home Transcription Jobs? Once candidate gets selected as home-based employee in medical transcription, you can start your easy home transcription careers by simply logging into company server (ID and password) and download audio files and then upload transcribed or edited documents back to hospitals/companies. Companies calculate total number of lines you transcribe and accuracy and calculates salary. Then Salary is pad every month to your bank account.


HQMT Has Made it easy to learn medical transcription online via live interactive MT training audio/video classes with direct trainer-to-student interactions.

HQMT provides medical transcription training online to students across India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Cochin, Pune, etc.)

Anyone (PUC, graduates, PG, doctors, engineers, nurses, physiotherapists) with good

English skills and basic computer knowledge are eligible to learn MT online and work as home-based transcriptionists or work for anyone of NASSCOM-listed and ISO-Certified medical transcription companies in Bangalore or across India.

Plenty of MT job vacancies in medical transcription Industry, but MT companies are looking only for comprehensively-trained, multi-skilled, quality-oriented medical transcriptionists (such as HQMT students).


HQMT has made learning medical transcription easy with continuous R&D and has developed easy listening comprehension (US accents) training modules + easy English grammar training, easy medical terminology training, easy medical transcription practical demonstrations, easy home-transcription job demonstrations, and easy work from home MT options.


We use latest interactive learning technology and equipments/tools like Sony LCD Projectors, Big LCD TV screens to play 3D Medical Animations to learn anatomy, physiology, human body, surgeries, and understand human body very well without reading books, so anyone without science or medical background can learn MT online at home or at our Bangalore MT training centres /institutes.


We also use online LMS (learning management system) where students take online medical transcription tests and assess their skills to improve their accuracy and efficiency.


We give on-demand easy medical transcription (MT) training based upon candidates’ requirements, so that students can complete course successfully and get medical transcription jobs at home or work in-house for MT companies.

We have made it very easy to learn medical transcription at home and work as home-based MT with PC and net at home, so that candidates from remote place have access to best medical transcription education and can work for top US-based MNC MT companies from the comfort of their home.


HQMT has top experienced & expert medical transcription trainers with medical background and 12 years of medical transcription experience in all levels (MT training, editing, QA, home transcription management, etc.) from reputed medical transcription companies in Bangalore like Nuance (exp must), Acusis India Ltd, MModal, Accolade Square, Veribo, ScribeTech, AccuDoc, British Orient, etc.


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