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What's eScription?

eScription means electronic medical transcription wherein speech-recognition software types audio to text and eScription editors listening audio against text and makes corrections (like grammar, punctuations, MT rules, sound alikes), in order to improve the accuracy 

eScription Demo

Learn How to Use eScription Technology or Voice-Recognition Software to Dictate and then Edit to Improve Accuracy. You can also request sample eScription Edited files here or take online test to see if you are eligible to become eScription editor

eScription Syllabus


Syllabus Includes same for MT with additional editing/proofreading of machine-generated reports with special emphasis on research/reference skills, grammar, and punctuations. eScription Curriculum also includes LOM, US English, Essentials of MT Practice, Phonetics/Accent Training, 300 SRT-typed reports with audio files, online tests, QA learnings, etc.

HQMT is the pioneer in eScription Editing training or Speech Recognition Editing Courses since 2006. eScription Benefits include-No more typing, No more wastage of Time. You will download both audio files and software-typed text files and just make corrections or editing/proofreading to improve the quality or accuracy of the reports.  An average eScription Editor earns x3 more salary than MTs by same effort/time; however, direct upload quality accuracy (99.9%) is must. Then, How to Learn eScription Editing? Which is the best eScription Training Center? What are Levels of eScription Editing Courses? Learn How to do eScription Here. Join Today eScription Course, Get 100% Discount in Medical Transcription Course Fees


                               Speech Recognition Editing Course (Escription VRS Editing)


This courses includes escription training modules (SRT-typed medical documents and corresponding audio files). When used in conjunction with properly trained medical transcription editors, speech recognition technology (SRT) has proven its worth by lowering healthcare costs and providing faster turn-around (TAT) times.  The need for qualified SRT editors is expected to increase in correlation with the growing healthcare demands of an aging population. 


In partnership with VRS Vendors and with the contributions of a volunteer workgroup comprised of SRT developers, MT managers and supervisors, educators and practicing medical transcription professionals from around the country, the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) has developed the first of its kind speech recognition editing course which will:

· Assist the practicing MT to confidently make the transition from standard transcription production worker to successful SRT knowledge-based worker.

· Provide medical transcription training institutes and programmes an option to broaden their syllabus.

· Offer employers an excellent training opportunity for their workforce.

Course Description
This course can be taken online at home or regular classroom at HQMT institute Bengaluru, with open enrollment and is designed to be completed at the student’s individual pace within an approximate 8- to 12-week timeframe.  It offers the student the opportunity for ample hands-on practice on VRS platform using authentically speech recognized drafts from genuine physicians.



Required Equipment (Software and Hardware)

  • PC with standard/basic specs
    • Minimum Hardware
      • 1.7 GHz processor
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 80 GB hard drive
    • One of the following Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems
      • Windows 7
      • Vista (64 and 32 bit)
      • Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
    • Not MAC compatible
  • Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007 or Open Office.Org
  • High Speed Internet (Min 2 Mbps speed)
  • Headset with mic
  • Foot Pedal (Use of a foot pedal is optional, but recommended.)
    *Three specific foot pedals are compatible with the SRT software used in the course. Check your foot pedal carefully for confirmation that is is one of these:

1.  Infinity IN-USB-1 (recommended)

2.  Infinity IN-765 with Dictaphone USB adapter

3.  DynamicVOICE game port foot pedal with Rockfire USB adapter

If you do not have a headset or one of the above-listed foot pedals, links to information are available below.


  • History and Development of SRT
  • Basic Scientific Terms Relating to SRT
  • Differences between front-end and back-end SRT
  • Productivity and Quality Issues
  • The Role of SRT in the Electronic Health Record
  • Implications of SRT on the Future of the Medical Transcription Industry
  • Basic and Advanced SRT Editing Techniques
  • 300 Minutes of Authentic Physician Dictation.


This is best suited for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists, science graduates. Also experienced MTs who want to upgrade to become eScription editors can apply now for eScription editor course. However, MT trainees, freshers, working MTs, doctors, candidates from other training centers need to enroll for paid eScription course and get 100% discount in medical transcription courses (or FREE medical transcription training courses). 


Certificate of Completion

Students must achieve an 95% course average to receive a Certificate of Completion in eScription.


How to Get Job As eScription Editor?

Many companies recruit escription editors provided you clear the company's pre-employment tests (you will get 3-5 audio files that you need edit/transcribe within 90 minute with less than 20 errors /1k lines; download free transcription audio files here to see if you are ready for job)


What will be eScription editor salary?


Based upon line count and accuracy (desired 99.9%), you can expect to earn a salary of 25-35,000 and can earn upto 80,000 with experience and career advancement. You can see MT salary calculator or editor salary chart here.





MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION / MEDICAL EDITING (Escription) Salary Potential In India (Home Based Medical Transcription (MT) Salary Chart).


Do not like listening and typing (data entry job)?, then join Next Generation vEHR (US hospital process-Live EMR) non-voice, nonverbatim transcription, non-typing job.


Get paid 25,000 to 30,0000 per month stipend during LIVE vEHR training for selected candidates and then get paid minimum of Rs 35-38,000 per month (rupees 4 lakhs fifty six thousand rupees per year=INR 456,000 PA Salary package). 



This is more than software engineer / MBBS doctor salary in the beginning their careers. Please fill up the form on right-hand side to get complete details, eligibility criteria, skillset, timings, pre-joining T&C, etc. NO NEED TO TYPE OR LISTEN TO RECORDED DICTATIONS.


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