HQMT Live MT Video Classes
HQMT Live MT Video Classes

Advantages of Live MT Video Classes

1) Easy to Understand even for arts or commerce students or any one without Science or Medical Background.

2) Covers all Seven MT subjects - Language of Medicine, US English, US Accent, MT Essentials, Applied MT English, Americanism, MT Software Proficiency, Proofreading, Editing, Home Transcription Management Skills, Computer Skills, etc.

3) Anyone with basic English can learn and perfect MT subjects by watching videos (both from Indian trainers plus American trainers) and repeating again and again.  No need to worry about reading complicated medical/English books and wasting your time.

4) Learn 10 better faster and 15 times better than by reading books yourself (many online training people just send books and
some dead files and wash their hands later on).

5) Learning complex Medical and English Subjects is just made very simple as you watch 3D Animations covering medical subjects and all the words are explained by US trainers.

6) Unlimited Revision of All MT Subjects to become well versed and learn faster.

7) Each word is pronounced and explained in US accents - the important step to understand dictations.

8) No need to download videos - just log in and watch multiple videos at same time instantly.

9) In-Depth Analysis of all subjects in easy, simple words, so that any layman can understand them easily

10) Easy-to-Understand practicals (using MT softwares, process of transcription, online research, etc) is covered by Video Demos.  Only HQMT has this facility to learn practical training from home as if you sitting next to your trainer in the lab.

11)  Enjoy Latest, Breakthrough 3D Medical Animations to learn LOM, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Diagnostic Procedures, Surgeries, etc.  As learning LOM is highly impossible by reading books even 10 times, just watching 3D Animations anyone can understand – It is like watching a movie.

12)  Learn Step-by-Step Instructions to transcribe dictation files, referencing, documenting, creating reports using templates, macros, using sample EMR, applying AAMT BOS guidelines, visual proofreading, editing skills, formatting the reports with client instructions, using all MT softwares, ExpresScribe, Escription, FTP, dictionaries, innovating research skills, accuracy-enhancing thinking skills, etc.