Become Home-Based MT - Advantages of Home-Based Medical Transcription Careers (Work from  Home as Home MT)

1) No need to travel for hours in heavy traffic and spend money outside. 


2) ENJOY Flexible working hours – You can manage many tasks along with home-based MT jobs rom the comfort of home like taking care of family, watching TV, taking breaks between work, etc.


3)No need to work 8-12 hours / day as in office, just spend 4-6 hours of actual working duration.


4) No need to get early morning and reach office in hurry – NO TENSION, NO STRESS


5) Get upto 50% more salary for the same effort you put as company saves huge overheads.


6) Top home-based (MTs) medical transcriptionists are earning HT salary of 15k-48,000 pm after 6 months of experience.  You can earn as much as you are capable of and want to earn based upon quality (accuracy) and quantity (line count).

7) By adopting the exciting career of home-based medical transcription career you can do productive work. Get rid of the long commuting hours. You can also pursue medical transcription as a part time jobs along with your regular one


8) You can work enjoy working from your comfort zone, i.e., from home.

9) By choosing a career in
home-based medical transcription,   your dream to work from your home could be realized.


10) More than 100,000 MTs work from home in both USA and India - Join them and Forget traveling-related stress, wastage of time, air pollution, spending money for vehicle, petrol, etc.


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