Home Transcription Training Package-MT Learning Kit



  • Most Advanced and Complete Medical Transcription Training Kit available in the market
  • Updated for 2009 Edition With Latest Live Voice Files and Recent AAMT BOS Guidelines
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and HTProEdge Levels
  • Course Materials Prepared by AAMT-Certified CMTs and Doctors with 12 Years of MT experience From Home (Editor/QA/Training) from India's No. 1 MNC Spheris since 1994 (ISO Certified Co. with High Standards)
  • Most comprehensive Study Materials covering all the 7 Subjects (LOM, English, MT Essentials, Americanism, Proofreading/Editing Manual, EMR Formatting Guidelines, MT TechnoGuide)
  • Wide Variety of Voice/Dictation Files (HIPAA-Compliant, follows Latest AAMT BOS guidelines, JACAHO Instructions, AMA Manual Of Style Compliant) covering 72 Specialties/Worktypes/ Subspecialties, etc.
  • Easy-to-Understand, Easy-to-Follow MT Training Videos (Theory plus Practicals) worth Rs. 45,000 FREE.
  • Pronunciation Glossaries of Medical Terms, Drugs, Abbreviations, Americanism Terms in US Accents by American Doctors/Trainers.
  • HQMT Exlcusive - InstantText (Shorthand) Training Program-No need to Worry about Boring Typing Job and Type each word and phrases manually - Just expand using SH Codes - Transcribe 4 Times Faster than regular Typing - Earn 3-4 More Salary Then MTs who listen and type.  This will make you work smart, not hard and also you get 3-4 times more salary than MTs who type manually.

With today's technology, whether your office is located in an office building or in a small section of your home, more and more people are realizing the potential within the medical industry.

We offer training resources that will help you to establish yourself in this fast paced industries. Compare the cost of this cd to any formal training or retail cost and you will save hundreds of dollars!

This comprehensive medical transcription course was written to incorporate all the tools you need to become a quality medical transcriptionist. This training cd is broken up into separate Learning Modules so that you can work at your own pace and become proficient in one area before moving on to the next for maximum success level. 
Module I - Comprehensive Medical Terminology Course-

  • This 203-page courseincludes charts, diagrams, and instructs how medical terms are constructed combining root words, prefixes, and suffixes.  Lessons address each Body system separately and include several exams for each section, as well as a final exam, to ensure you have a working knowledge of this crucial information. Even includes a fun crossword puzzle to test your learning (w/answers to check).
  • Printable Medical Terminology Flashcardsto assist you in mastering the prefix, suffix and root word combinations.
  • Medical Terminology Word Find Puzzles
  • Audio Medical Terminology Files - 15+ MP3 tracks - A complete description of common prefixes, suffixes and root word forming the basis of medical terminology, plus over 500 medical terms and their definitions in A-Z format. 

Module II - Human Anatomy & Physiology Course.  (254 pages) Includes extensive tables and visual data to assist you with this section.  Each Anatomy lesson ends with a test to ensure retention of the information.

  • Lesson 1- Introduction to Basic Human Anatomy.
  • Lesson 2- Tissues of the Body.
  • Lesson 3- Integumentary & Fascial Systems.
  • Lesson 4- Human Skeletal System.
  • Lesson 5- Human Muscular System.
  • Lesson 6- Human Digestive System.
  • Lesson 7- Respiratory System & Breathing.
  • Lesson 8- Human Urogenital Systems.
  • Lesson 9- Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Systems.
  • Lesson 10- Human Endocrine System.
  • Lesson 11- Human Nervous System.

Physiology Course  (301 pages) - Each section ends with an Exercise Lesson with Answers included!

Module III - An Industry Overview - Addresses getting started, explaining the different report types, equipment, Digital Dictation versus using a transcriber, provides Library Suggestions as well as glossary lists and abbreviation tools you can use as quick references.

Also includes Do's & Don'ts for a medical transcriptionist and tricks of the trade!

Module IV- Formatting & Style - Instructs proper use of formatting and style for reports and includes instruction for the following:

      • Capitalization
      • Numbers
      • Abbreviations
      • Punctuations

Also includes resources for frequently misspelled words, sound-alikes and other helpful references.

This section also emphasizes the importance of Proofreading Skills and includes 10 reports to test your skills.

      • Consultations
      • Operative Reports
      • Discharge Summary
      • History and Physical
      • Physician Sample Letters
      • GI Procedure Report
      • Progress Notes / Chart Notes / SOAP Notes

Module V - Dictation - Currently, most healthcare providers transmit dictation to medical transcriptionists using either digital or analog dictating equipment. With the emergence of the Internet, some transcriptionists receive dictation over the Internet and are able to quickly return transcribed documents to clients for approval. Included in this training cd is Digital transcription in a digital/audio format to practice dictation, along with a FREE DOWNLOAD FROM EXPRESSCRIBE!  As stated above, most national companies transmit using digital files so you will need to become efficient in this.  ExpressScribe uses "hot keys" that enable you to control the speed with your keyboard.  You do not need to purchase expensive equipment, although ExpressScribe is also compatible with many .wav pedals.

  • You will receive 12+ hours / 200 Dictation Reports & Letters, 150 of which include the transcripts, except for the 50 testing exam files.  The 50 final exam type dictations are all excellent training!  Report types include Chart Notes, H&P's, Operative Reports, Discharge Summaries, Physician Letters and more! 
  • ALL Specialties are covered in this digital dictation.  Please check out my additional practice cd's (A&B) for additional practice separate from these dictation files.
  • Additional Digital Practice based on a national transcription company's pre-employment training assessment.  This test is sent to prospective employees to assess their skills prior to offering them a contracted/employment position.  There is no transcript available, as the completed work is sent into the employer for evaluation.  This pre-employment practice consists of Abbreviations, Sound A-likes, a Surgery Report as well as 6 other specialties and 2 challenging Foreign Accent reports.  This will provide you with insight of what is required at pre-employment exams.

This is an invaluable resource with 200 reports in  digital dictation format
This is an awesome resource and will more than prepare you for real life dictation.

Module VI- Planning, Marketing & Beyond-

  • This section takes you through the process of completing your resume, cover letter, marketing and job hunting; and how to land your first client!  It addresses pricing and sample contracts and provides you with lists of national companies that hire new transcriptionists as well as links to job boards and more!
  • Also addresses Information on Certification for a Medical Transcriptionist through AAMT.

Reference Folder Includes-

  • Medical Abbreviation Lists
  • Drug Formulary
  • Drug Dosage Abbreviations
  • 200+ pages of Specialty Word Lists from A-Z
  • An A-Z Word Expander List for you to copy and use to increase your SPEED!
  • 200+ must have Medical Transcription Links that will provide you with access to Medical Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Medical Terms, Drug Searches, Sites to advertise your services or get a job, Online English book and HIPAA Guidelines and Update Links and Information and MORE!
  • A MEDICAL SPELL CHECK for Microsoft Word with 50,000+ medical and drug terms.  A MUST HAVE FOR ANYONE IN THIS FIELD
  • A list of National Medical Transcription companies and a list of websites of companies who hire at home- transcriptionists.
  • Library Suggestions as well as glossary lists and abbreviation tools you can use as quick references.
  • HIPAA Guidelines and Update Links and Information
  • Information section on Digital Dictation, what the process is, what equipment is needed for you and your doctor and more!

This is a compilation CD in which you will receive all the above Training Modules on one cd.  Most files are in adobe acrobat, so be sure you have a 6.0 or newer adobe reader loaded.  This is a very comprehensive course, so you do need to be motivated to get through all the material.