Why Join HQMT Online MT Training Program-Top 10 Advantages

  1. World's First and only Live MT Video Classes used for online MT training - Learn 10 times faster and 15 times better than other training centers who teach in online medical transcription.
  2. 14 Years of Excellence and Expertise in Medical Transcription Training Industry from Spheris (No. 1 US MNC since 1994)
  3. Unique Teaching Methods like Streaming Video Classes, Live Multi-point Online Desktop Sharing, Whiteboard Demos, Live   Group Conference, FTP-Based File Sharing, Colored Highlighting of all errors in the Files, Quality-Enhancement Tips, etc.
  4. India's Only MT Institute to adopt Mentoring Interactive Modular (M.I.M.) methods of teaching (highly successful in the US).
  5. 100% Compliant with AAMT COMPRO Guidelines [Highest MT Teaching Standards in World].  
  6. 100% Compliance with SCORM Guidelines and BBB Online Standards for online training program.
  7. Experienced and Expert MNC Online Trainers with 18 Years of MT Experience in all levels from Spheris (No. 1 MNC since 94)
  8. Continuous Support, Guidance, Live Feedbacks, Confidence-Building Measures, and Mentoring for Successful Completion.
  9. Track Record of Genuine Job Placements in top MNCs like Cbay, Focus, Spheris, Spryance, DTS, PJ, Medright, etc.
  10. Proven Record of Training 1000s of Students Successfully and Satisfied Students who are working as home-based MTs allover India.