Medical Transcription Course  


Online  Medical Transcription Course can be done at home via live webinar classes (live video/audio interactive classes), without traveling to training institutes, with the help of computer, internet broadband, foot pedal, headphone, online training websites, etc.


Institutes for Online Medical Transcription Courses

While there are many online  Medical Transcription Courses, HQMT’s online MT course is unique in the sense that you computer is connected to HQMT classroom via streaming videos where you can see the live classroom, listen trainers’ lectures, interact with your instructions live to clarify doubts instantly, take online tests, ask for practical demos, etc., so that you will get all the benefits of classroom MT course from home without traveling to center and wasting your time.  Also, you can attend classes as per your flexible hours and schedule.


Effectiveness of online Medical Transcription Course 

We believe trainers and training methodologies play more important role than whether it is regular or online.  Today, many regular training centers across India do not have qualified and experienced faculty and lack proper facilities.  In comparison, HQMT has very well-experienced and dedicated online trainers who are doctors and have 12 years of experience in all levels of MT profession from India’s reputed MNC (Spheris) since 1994.  So, students can get the best ever training online from any town in India.


Infrastructure Needed to Take Online medical transcription courses and Work as Home MT

A Pentium 4 PC with sound card and minimum 256 RAM, headphone, foot pedal, broadband, UPS, etc., loaded with all necessary softwares, medical and drug dictionaries, etc.


About HQMT’s Live Online Medical Transcription Courses

HQMT Offers World's First and Only medical transcription course online via live streaming video classes-You can see, listen, and experience live MT classroom environment with your MT trainers on 24/7 basis (from Ex-Spheris/HealthScribe, which is India's No. 1 & First Indian MNC MT company that has trained more than 11,000 MTs who are earning from Rs. 10,000 to 48,000 per month).

HQMT is India’s First SCORM-Compliant Online MT Course

SCROM - The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), published by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) project, is a de facto standard for e-learning content.


The E-learning (Online MT Video Classes) package is designed to help the students study in a convenient computer-based environment during MT training online.  The students of HQMT enjoy the flexibility of independent MT study through the E-learning package.  The students can studymedical transcription course at their own place, pace, and time.  Learning through Interactive Learning Tools (Animations, Videos, Web-based Applications) allows the students to take advantage of E-learning (online medical transcription courses) benefits without the need to physically attend regular MT classes.  The learning experience becomes more in-depth, flexible, convenient, personalized and above all enjoyable. The E-learning package is rich and valuable; quite often more convenient than classroom/regular medical transcription courses.