Home-based medical transcription (training, jobs, news, links, careers, companies, etc.)

Home-based medical transcription is a professional, genuine, 35-year-old, US State Dept of Labor-Approved home-based work involving transcribing electronic medical records of doctors' recorded speech at home using own PC and net connection.  You can work only after professional medical transcription training in MT from reputed and established institutes like HQMT. 


It involves downloading digital voice files of EMR (like .wave files) via FTP client into your PC at home via internet (after logging into company's server for which your work) and then using home MT tools like digital transcriber, word processor, line count software, grammar software, medical spellchecker, and medical transcription sample reports with extensive referencing, researching, documenting, proofreading, editing the reports to make them client ready.  Then, you need to upload the transcribed reports with client-specifications and 99% quality, upload them to company's server via FTP for further quality accurance or directly to client.


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