Medical Coding & Billing FAQs

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Question: What is medical coding & billing, What exactly medical coder does, what is the exact nature of medical coding and billing job? 


Answer:  In simple terms, medical coding is nothing but converting the medical language into the language insurance industry understands.


You need to transform healthcare procedures, diagnosis, medical services, medical equipment into universal alphanumeric codes. These codes taken from electronic medical documents, transcribed docs, laboratory charts, and radiological reports. 


Exact nature of medical coder is to abstract the medical information like what patient suffers and what doctor did to patient. 

Then assign numerical codes into the diagnostic and procedural terms. 



Q: What is salary of medical coder in India? or How much does a medical coder earns in India?


A: The average Senior Medical Coder salary in India is is ₹ 21,746 per month.


Medical coding salary estimates are based on 42 salaries submitted to various job portals by Senior Medical Coding employees, users, and collected from past and present job ads in various job portals in the past 36 months.


Your salary depends upon the company you work for, position, and certification you posses.  




Question: What is medical coding process?


Answer:  Medical coding process includes procedure wherein a medical coder assigns alphanumeric codes to medical diagnosis and procedure so that you can initiate billing to insurance companies for medical reimbursement. 


Each possible trauma and diagnosis is assigned a universal alphanumeric code which is readily understood by both healthcare providers and insurance companies. So, these parties can work under the same umbrella of information. 


This process has specifically necessary, in terms of efficiency, ever since the insurance claims process moved over to a largely digitized format. 


Medical coding process involves numeric systematic steps to ensure that coding complies with international standards and best practices.





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