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What is Medical Transcription?


Medical Transcription or MT is the process where one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records by listening recorded audio speech of patient’s encounter with doctors and other healthcare professionals into written format using PC, word processor, reference materials, etc. These audios are dictated by doctors, physicians, and others, including history and physical reports, discharge notes, sleep study, clinic notes, office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports.


Who can learn and become a Medical Transcriptionist?


Anyone with good English language skills, listening skills, and desire to excel can learn MT (both online or in-house) and work as medical transcriptionist. 


Today, we can see many housewives, undergraduates, degree holders (BA, B.Com, Bsc, BCA, etc.) doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, engineers, MBA and MCA graduates are working successfully in MT field.  Many work as home-based medical transcriptionist or home MT from home with the help of PC, broadband net, home based setup, and home transcription softwares.


What is medical transcriptionist salary in India? (Click Here for MT Salary Calculator)


Based upon performance (productivity and quality), an average MT can earn anywhere between Rs 18,000 to 80,000 per month. Due to dollar and pound conversion into rupees, one can earn more than doctors and engineers in medical transcription.  In MT industry, there is no limit for salary as incentives are paid for every line you transcribe in addition to basic salary.

What are medical transcription companies in the India?


There are around 300 MT companies including training institutes but there are not more than 20–25 companies that are recognized, i.e., which are into production activity.  Some of the leading MT companies are Nuance, Acusis India Ltd., CBay India Ltd, ScribeTech, British Orient, AccuDoc, TransDyne, Accolade Square, etc.


Old Companies (Merged into New Co.s): Spheris (US-Based MNC), Heartland, Cbay, Focus MT, Spraynce, Acusis India, Scribetech, Infoscript, Accentia, TransDyne, Worldtech, Selectronix, etc. The places where this business is predominant are Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Trivandrum.


What skills are required to become a medical transcriptionist (MT)?


•         Proficiency in English language skills (reading and writing)

•         Good listening, writing, and comprehension skills.

•         An eye for details.

•         Typing, basic knowledge in computers, and internet skills would be an added advantage but not must.


How old is MT in India?


Medical transcription has arrived to India in 1994.  MT is one of the first outsourced project from US to India.  In India, Medical Transcription business is 15 years old. The first MT company that commenced operations in India is Spheris in 1994. The origin of MT is USA where it is a well established industry which is 35 years old.


What does the medical transcription training involve and what is the MT curriculum?


The training includes a balanced mix of classroom and lab practice. The main subjects in which an individual is trained are – Language of Medicine (LOM), American English, Computers Basics, Keyboard skills, and Medical Transcription Techniques. Besides all these a lot of inputs are given on Americanisms and Listening Comprehension Skills.


What is the duration of a MT training program?

The duration as given by various training institutes is 2-6 months.  Depending upon individual’s English language skills, listening comprehension, computer knowledge, amount of time spent in practicing dictation files, understanding ability, etc., it may take minimum 2 months to 6 months and some students may take upto 1 year.


Is it necessary to have a science background to become a MT?

No, any undergraduates (PUC or 10+2), graduate, post-graduates belonging to any faculties are eligible. Most of MT workforce working for top MT companies India do not have any graduation or science (or medical) background.


Is there any part-time MT training available?

Normally, it is a full time training as it demands 6–8 hours of study. There could be some training institutes, which offer part-time courses, but in this case the training period would be more than 4 months.


What are Different Modes of Medical Transcription Training Programs?

1)       Regular / Classroom MT Training.

2)       Correspondence MT Courses.

3)       Online MT Training programs (CDs plus online chat)

4)       Live Video Classes via Interactive Webinars.

5   )    Regular plus Live Online Video Classes.


What are the job prospects in Medical Transcription?


Any MT who is able to transcribe with a consistent accuracy of minimum 90% and a good speed has got a good future in MT.  There are plenty of jobs available for properly trained MTs who have taken complete MT training programs including live OJT (on-the-job MT programs) in production environment.


What kind of growth does MT industry offer to MT Aspirants?

Presently in the US the demand for MT is increasing at the rate of 20%. It does offer both professional and monetary growth to an MT. A trained medical transcriptionist has various options depending on the performance, like Team Leaders / Team Managers, Account Managers /Editor/Proofreaders /QA, production managers, Trainers, etc.


Is the voice recognition software (VRS) available in the market a threat to MT business?

No, it is certainly not a threat as it cannot do all that an MT can.  It can be very useful productivity tool that will help MTs to be more productive, rather than replacement.  There are a lot of limitations in it many US doctors are foreign doctors with unique accents and dialects which makes VRS to understand them a very difficult task.  Also many doctors do not dictate punctuations and MT rules clearly, so lots of editing and formatting of reports is required for VRS output to make it client-ready.


Can I do home-based MT transcription?


Yes, it is very much possible.  Today there are dedicated top US-Based companies who outsource work to thousands of home-based MTsacross India.  With adequate training in MT and technical requirements available, one can do home transcription.


With super-fast and cheaper broadband and low-cost computers, home based medical transcription jobs very much in

demand by housewives, retired people, students, and other graduates.


Can I get a job in America if I am trained in MT?


Yes, if you are a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (AAMT-Certified CMT), you can apply for a job in the US. This test is conducted by Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), formerly AAMT.  More information on this can be

obtained at AHDI Online *Due to recent H1B Visa Restrictions, It may be difficult or impossible to work in USA currently.


How to Choose Medical Transcription Training Institutes? 


Based upon following parameters, you can chose best MT training centers.

1)       State-of-Art Infrastructure like digital classrooms, labs equipped with PCs, net connection, latest reference materials, adequate practice time, and other facilities.

2)       Qualified and well-experienced trainers with at least 10 years of experience from reputed MNCs.

3)       On-The-Job training facilities with live projects in production environment.

4)       Past reputation and previous placement record.

5)       How long the institute has been in the business and tie-ups with major companies.


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