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How to Transcribe Medical Reports?: Watch Online MT Demo by Playing 2 Video Tutorials on right.


Description of MT Job: You need to download transcription audio files (download free medical transcription audio files here) and then using digital transcription software like ExpressScribe Pro (paid version), you can upload audio files (1 min to 10 min duration) in .wave format or .dct format. Then using foot pedal and reference dictionaries and word processor like MS word, you can transcribe while rewinding and forwarding audio or you can slowdown dictation audio if you cannot understand accent), then transcribe (or type) reports keeping in mind various rules like grammar, punctuation, AHDI BOS rules, formatting rules so as to keep accuracy of the reports 99.99% or client ready EMR.


Please watch 2 FREE MT video tutorials on how to transcribe reports and upload them (youtube videos for MT demo). Click both videos on right-side side to watch online MT demo.