Online Medical Transcription (MT) Training-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Online MT Training includes learning medical transcription (MT) online at your home via live webinar classes (live video/audio interactive classes), without travelling to training institutes, with the help of computer, internet broadband, headphone, online training websites, (webcam is optional), etc.


Online MT Training Institutes

While many online training centers claim to provide online training with the help of CDs and web chat, etc., HQMT’s online MT training is unique in the sense that you computer is connected to HQMT's classroom via streaming videos where you can see the live classroom, listen trainers’ lectures, interact with your trainers realtime / live to clarify doubts instantly, take online tests, attend Live practical demos, etc., so that you will get all the benefits of regular classroom MT training from home without travelling to center and wasting your time and money.  Also, you can attend Live Online or Recorded Web-based classes as per your flexible hours and schedule. You can learn from anywhere (outside India as well) in the world and can work as home-based MT or editor from your house anywhere using PC, internet, and your MT skills for MT companies based in India, USA, UK, Australia, etc.


How Much I Can Earn as Home Transcriptionist (HBT) or Escription Editor?

It depends upon your performance like how many lines you transcribe or edit (quantity) and how many errors you make (accuracy). The more the lines and less the errors, the more is your salary.

HQMT trained HBTs have been working and earning between INR 15,000 to 80,000 PM from companies like CBay (M*Modal), Mediscribe, Acusis, Edictate, Jaya Infotech, Nuance, SAHA, Focus MT, Devine Mercy, HGS, MedWrite, MedIndia, Infoscript, etc. 



How effective is Online MT Training compared to regular?


Now, Enjoy Hassel-Free Browser-Based One-Click Live Classes with crystal clear voice and HD video without bothering complicated URL, meeting ID, softwares, hardware setup, etc. HQMT's online live video conference-enabled training is the best in the whole Asia which includes latest P2P, VoiP, Webinar technology using World's No.1 Cisco Networks and Infrastrcture and latest 4G/FiberOptic 30 Mbps High-Speed Bandwidth, which enables any student from anywhere In the World can log in and join live class in just 10 seconds. So, HQMT's training is very effective to learn MT at home and work as home-based or office- based MT / QA/ Editor, etc.


We believe trainers and training methodologies play more important role than whether it is regular or online.  Today, many regular training centers across India do not have qualified and experienced faculty and lack proper facilities.  In comparison, HQMT has very well-experienced and dedicated online trainers who are doctors and have 15 years of experience in all levels of MT profession from India’s reputed MNC (Spheris) since 1994.  So, students can get the best ever training online from any town in India.


What is the Infrastructure Needed to Learn Online and Work as Home MT or QA or Editor?

Students must have the following (can buy from sellers if not): A Pentium 4 or dual core PC installed with Windows XP or Win 7 operating system with sound card (USB sound card or Logitch USB headphone) and minimum 512 MB RAM (2 GB is preferred), 40 GB Harddisk space, good quality headphone with mic (USB is preferred), broadband or 3G with at least 1 Mbps speed, sufficient backup, etc.


About HQMT’s Live Online MT Training Programs

HQMT Offers World's First and Only medical transcription training online via live streaming video classes-You can see, listen, and experience live MT classroom environment with your MT trainers on 24/7 basis (from Ex-Spheris/HealthScribe, which is India's No. 1 & First Indian MNC MT company that has trained more than 11,000 MTs who are earning from Rs. 15,000 to 80,000 per month).



We believe trainers and training methodologies play more important role than whether it is regular or online.  Today, many regular training centers across India do not have qualified and experienced faculty and lack proper facilities.  In comparison, HQMT has very well-experienced and dedicated online trainers who are doctors and have 15 years of experience in all levels of MT profession from India’s reputed MNC (Spheris) since 1994.  So, students can get the best ever training online from any town in India.


How Can I get Home Transcription (MT) or Escription Editor Job?



Studnets must first join online MT course or regular course from HQMT and must complete the course successfully which means one should attend all the classes, take online tests in website, and must practice at least 500 voice files or dictation files from all the specialties, levels, worktypes (like BMT, AMT, EMT, QMT, OJT files, live files) and must submit / upload them for correction reports and then learn from mistakes to produce 99% accurate reports or <25 errors/1000 lines to become job ready (as per internal and client tests); this might take either 2 months or upto 12 months based upon the students' English language skills, typing speed, listening comprehension skills, hardwork, qualification, attitude, speed of learning, etc. Once students gives required accuracy, companies will arrange home-based MT or QA projects after acertaining all the infrastructure, HIPAA privacy, accuracy, working hourse, certificate, etc.

HQMT is India’s First SCORM-Compliant Online MT Training Program CR

The E-learning (Online MT Video Classes) package is designed to help the students study in a convenient computer-based environment during MT training online.  The students of HQMT enjoy the flexibility of independent MT study through the E-learning package.  The students can study medical transcription at their own place, pace, and time.  Learning through Interactive Learning Tools (Animations, Videos, Web-based Applications) allows the students to take advantage of E-learning (online medical transcription) benefits without the need to physically attend regular MT classes.  The learning experience becomes more in-depth, flexible, convenient, personalized and above all enjoyable. The E-learning package is rich and valuable; quite often more convenient than classroom/regular medical transcription training.


Advantage of HQMT Online MT Training via Live Video Classes
1.  Advanced 3D Animation Videos to Teach LOM (medical terminology), American English, US Accents, Essentials of MT practice, AAMT Guidelines, etc. You can listen and watch medical terminology in US accents with explanation from US doctors with text on the screen; this will help you to get used to American doctors' accent while you transcribe files.  Get advantage of India's 100% result-oriented online MT training now!

2. MT-Learning is Made Very Easy - No need to mug-up the complicated, difficult-to-understand medical and English grammar books provided by other self-study programs (by other trainingcenters, which are not at all effective). Here, you can just log-in, watch all video classes, repeat them again and again till you understand the subject. You can save at least 60% time compared to reading books and breaking your head, and understand 10 times better than reading books yourself. Watching vidoes to understand medicine, English, US accent, MT essentials, AAMT guidelines, MT rules, Americanism is extremely easy now. As you know, a picture is worth of thousand words, so a video is worth of million words!! Watching a video once to understand a chapter is equal to reading books 10 times.  Learning medical transcription via MT training online was never easy earlier.

3. These videos teach all MT subjects in easy-to-understand language. We have simplified the whole process of understanding medical terminology, US accent, MT practice guidelines, difficult English grammar rules, etc.  Now you can learn MT online without leaving your house from anywhere in India.

4. You can watch in-depth analysis of whole process of transcribing dictation files online via videos; an integrated approach to learn the actual medical transcription process with word-by-word analysis that includes listening to doctors' files, sentence construction, punctuation, blank-buster process, online research with detailed explanation of searching medical and English words in various dictionaries, online internet research skills, applying contextual thinking skills, to accurately transcribe and edit to achieve industry-standard 99% and above accuracy.  No one in Asia can teach medical transcription practicals better than HQMT.  When it comes to MT practicals, you can learn MT process better than even regular classes.

5. QA-Learning Process via Online Videos Classes. Learn from Various Errors made by you and other students, get in-depth guidance about how to avoid them, how to search effectively, how to decipher difficult/new/unfamiliar words and phrases, how to anticipate and decipher doctors' dictation accurately, etc. Our innovative error analysis and quality improvement process teaches you how to become quality-consciousness medical language specialist.  Quality MT training online can lead to quality medical transcription professionals - Best online medical transcription training can lead to best home transcription jobs with best salary.

6. Live Online Help and Technical Trouble-shoot (either by chat/phone/mail or voice conference) to clear doubts, solve the issues, and give adequate guidance so that students can learn more effectively step by step.  No headaches, no worry about computer problems, internet issues, and technical knoweldge.  Working from home and home MT jobs are no more imaginary.

7. Learn from No. 1 MNC Trainers with more than 15 years of experience and expertise in MT training industry.

8. World's First Live Online Video Classes in medical transcription training using 3D Flash Animations

9. Placement (HR) Tie-up with World's Largest MNC MT companyto place 100s of MTs per month. [Home MT work or home transcription jobs will be given by our own production unit upon meeting HT criteria]

10. Only training center to teach Asia's first Expert MT course as per AAMT COMPRO guidelines (highest teaching standards in the world)

11. Only online medical transcription training institute to use American Doctors' Theory Class Videos.

12. Training by Industry Experts with more than 15 years of experience from India's No. 1 MNC Co. - Spheris (HealthScribe) - first US MNC in India since 1994.

13. Only training center to teach 7 Theory Subjects and 7 practical modules - Other training centers teach only two subjects and teach only BMT files.

14. Asia's First HT-PRO Edge Course that is specially designed by Industry Experts for candidates who want to learn and work from home as Home-Based Employee or HBT without going to office.

15. Full Support, Guidance, and Counseling provided to start successful home transcription career (work as home based medical transcription or home transcriptionist) that makes you work in flexible working hours and earning potential in excess of Rs. 100,000 to 600,000 p.a.


Online MT Training Syllabus

Theory: LOM (Language of Medicine), American English, US Accent Training, Listening Comprehension/Reading Comprehension Training, Americanism, MT Essentials, MT Technoguide, Formatting, etc.


Practicals: Basic Computers, Keyboard/Typing Training, MT Software training, Dictation/Voice Files Training, Transcribing Dummy Files of BMT, IMT, AMT, EMT, OJT, QMT, Latest Live Files, Correction Report Analysis, QA learning, Quality Feedback, Accuracy Enhancement Training,  Editing/Proofreading Training, e-SCRIPT, etc.


Online MT Training Duration

Duration of course depends upon various factors like qualification, English language skills, computer skills, and number of hours students put in for training.

Minimum Duration: 3 Months. 

Maximum Duration: Depends upon accuracy level and final scores (max upto 1 year)

How to Apply for online medical transcription training program?

Please click "contact us" link and submit basic information via form, so that our executive will call you back to understand your requirements and accordingly will suggest you the most suitable online program.  Alternatively, you can also "chat live" with our executives or send mail to info [at] or call us at 080-41699371.




NOTE: HQMT charges non-refundable fees for the Home MT Learning package that includes digital e-study materials via website, video tutorials, transcription/dictation/voice files for practice, sample MT reports, digital transcription player, online MT tests, correction reports (edited files to learn from mistakes to improve accuracy), live online classes, QA feedbacks, Live online Demos, FREE Escription editing training with free home transcription job assistance, etc. The remaining tools as mentioned above must be arranged by candidates only.