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Working Days  

Dictation Audio  

Working Hours-App      


Monthly Salary


1 hr/day

3-4 hours


Rs 18,000


1-1/2 hrs/day

4-5 hours


Rs 28,750


2 hrs/day

6-8 hours


Rs 38,960


3 hrs/day

8-9 hours


Rs 50,200


4 hrs/day

9-11 hours


Rs 70,800



NOTE: In medical transcription, you can write your own paycheck.  As there is no limit for line incentives, you can earn above average salary based upon your performance. MT salary figures depend upon your performance, skills, hard work, and dedication.


In some cases, some MTs and editors/QAs have been earning more than Rs. 50,000 to 90,000 p.m. and TLs/Prod Managers/Others Earn b/w 1 to 1.5 lacs/month from top-rated MT companies like Nuance (Focus MT), M*Model (Cbay), Acusis, Heartland/Spryance, ScribeTech, Cerebra Infotech, etc.


Home Transcription Salary entirely depends upon your performance like productivity (how many lines you transcribe or edit as QA) and quality of your work (accuracy of your files). This salary has been calculated at a rate of 1.20 ps/line with minimum of 95% accuracy [or less than 30 errors/mistakes per 1000 lines transcribed]


One line = 65 characters.  Accuracy is calculated keeping in mind of total lines, number of error points, etc. The above chart is just an indicative of sample medical transcription salary for top companies.  You can earn at more rate if you provide direct upload quality (i.e., 99% accuracy)