Online Medical Transcription Course Syllabus

HQMT Online MT Syllabus - Brief Description   


Theory: LOM, MT English, US Accent Training, Dictation Listening Comprehension Training, Reading Comprehension for Editing, Training, Americanism, MT Essentials, MT TechnoGuide, Formatting, etc.


Practicals: Basic Computers, Keyboard/Typing Training, MT Software training, Dictation/Voice Files Training,Transcribing Dummy Files of BMT, IMT, AMT, EMT, OJT, QMT, Latest Live Files, Correction Report Analysis, QA learning, Quality Feedback, Accuracy Enhancement Training, Editing/Proofreading Training, e-SCRIPTION, etc.

AAMT Model Curriculum for Medical Transcription - Complete Description


[Note: We Strictly Follow AHDI (AAMT) Model Curriculum. Also: We are compliant with AAMT COMPRO Standards]



MODULE 1: Getting Started-Introduction
• Basics of Medical Transcription
• Analysis of Sample Medical Reports
• Understanding Medical Reference Library
• Ethics and Confidentiality/ HIPAA Laws
• Legal Aspects of Healthcare Records
• Proper Ergonomics for the Medical Transcriptionist
• Importance of Quality MT Education
• Study Tips


MODULE 2: MT Basics
• Introduction to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Clients
• The Future of Medical Transcription
• Hospital Medical Reports
• Preparation of a History & Physical
• Clinic Medical Reports
• Formats
• Organizing the Information
• Proofreading and Editing
• Basic Formatting Guidelines
• Flagging and Blanks
• Transcribing Foreign Dictators
• Methods of Line Counting

MODULE 3: Grammar and Punctuation
• Parts of Speech
• Nouns
• Pronouns
• Verbs
• Subject-Verb Agreement
• Adjectives
• Adverbs
• Conjunctions
• Interjections
• Preposition
• Commas and Semi-Colons
• Hyphens and Dashes
• Who/Whom
• Affect/Effect
• Good /Well
• Parts of a Sentence
• Abbreviations
• Capitalization
• Transcribing Numbers, Figures and Abbreviations
• Hyphenation
• Plural Forms
• Sound-Alike Words
• State Abbreviations
• Commonly Misspelled Words
• Practice Rules to Remember When Transcribing
• Grammar Practice


MODULE 4: Understanding Computer Usage
• Maintaining Your PC
• What is the Internet?
• Getting the most out of the Internet
• Introducing the Internet Technologies
• Web-Browsers
• PC Maintenance- Doing It Yourself
• Build Your Own Computer
• PC Maintenance- Upgrading Your PC
• PC Maintenance- Sound And Video
• Getting Started With PCs
• PC Maintenance- Preventive Measures
• Effective Usage of Internet Security Tools
• MS Word 2000 Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced


MODULE 5: Learning the Language of Medicine - LOM
• Getting Organized
• Using Your Flashcards
• Basic Word Structure
• Prefixes/Suffixes/Root Words or Combining Forms
• Plurals
• More Sound Alike/Look Alike Words
• Tips on Researching Difficult and Mumbled Words
• Using Google.Com for Innovative Research Skills



MODULE 6: Integumentary

(Sample Chapters:)

• Combining Forms Review
• Skin Anatomy
• Viral Infections
• Bacterial Infections
• Fungal Infections
• Parasitic Infections
• Follicular and Glandular Disorders
• Pigmentation and Inflammatory Disorders
• Burns and Cold Injury
• Diagnostic Tests and Signs
• Surgical Procedures and Other Treatments
• Common Drug Treatment
• Types of Medication Uses
• Abbreviations and Acronyms
• Vocabulary
• Glossary
• Sentence Clips for Pre-Transcription Practice
• Helpful Websites/Reference Sites


MODULE 7: Skeletal


MODULE 8: Muscles and Joints

MODULE 9: Nervous

MODULE 10: Blood and Lymphatics

MODULE 11: Laboratory and Pathology


MODULE 13: Respiratory

MODULE 14: Digestive

MODULE 15: Endocrine

MODULE 16: Special Senses


MODULE 18: Male Reproductive

MODULE 19: Female Reproductive


Child Health

MODULE 22: Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

MODULE 23: Oncology

MODULE 24: Pharmacology

MODULE 25: Mental Health / Psychiatry

 SECTION III: Practicals  


MODULE 26: Beginning Medical Transcription

• Installing Your Wav Pedal – ExpressScribe
• Installing the Various Dictation Modules
• Beginning Transcription
• Procedures for Transcribing
• Most Common Errors of New Transcriptionists

MODULE 27: Intermediate Medical Transcription
• The Healthcare Team and the Operative Report
• Prepping and Draping Methods
• Surgical Positions
• Types of Anesthesia
• Wound and Wound Closures
• Procedures for Transcribing
• Most Common Errors of New Transcriptionists
• Dealing with Difficult Dictators

MODULE 28: Advanced Medical Transcription

• Expander Software
• Learning How to Use Expander Software (E.g. Instant Text)
• Windows Shortcuts and Abbreviations
• Shortcut Rules for Long Words
• Shortcut Rules for Short Words
• Shortcut Rules for Phrases
• Shortcut Rules for Long Phrases
• Shortcut Rules for Prefixes
• Procedures for Transcribing Advanced Files
• Preparing for Exams


MODULE 29: Advanced Editing/Proofreading/QA Training

• Introduction and Editing Tips
• What is Editing?
• Live Proofreading Demo Classes


MODULE 30: Preparing for Employment
• Preparing for Employment
• Starting a Home Based Business
• Important Aspects of Owning Your Own MT Service
• Time Management and Achieving TAT (turn around time)
• Becoming a Certified Medical Transcriptionist
• Advancement Opportunities
• Review of HIPAA Guidelines
• Samples and Templates


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