HQMT Terms and Conditions


1) HQMT’s main responsibilities include counseling; conducting live classes and online testes, providing correction reports of students; transcribed voice files, providing optional tech support  occasionally, giving timely feedbacks about students’ progress, assisting students to start successful home transcription careers, etc.

2) After admission, students must try to complete the course within the stipulated time (for example 3 months, course can be extended further but at sole discretion of HQMT) by attending  classes regularly, taking online tests, and must transcribe  all the voice files/audio files/transcription dictation files provided in ....hqmt.com website with attention for minute details and upload for correction.  Student will be asked to reranscribe or proofread again if the file has lessthan 50% accuracy. Students must take full effort to transcribe and edit more than 500 voice files from all the  specialties and worktyprs (easy, average, tough, ESL dictators, etc.) with less than 30 errors/1000 lines to become job ready.   This will help students to complete the course successfully and become job ready (either home based or office based)

3) As educational institute, HQMT does not take any claims on warranties, performance claims, expiry of licenses, third-party software licenses, etc.  HQMT does not sell  or rent any hardwares,  softwares, books or 3rd party apps and so will not take any claims or responsibilities of its usage or damage or warrantees.   Students must make full effort to solve their computer/internet/hardware/any other technical issues from their respective sellers/vendors/computer engineers.  Webex class support will be given by Cisco as HQMT pays to them.

4) Refund Policy:  Due to longterm commitment of various payments and service agreements with various vendors (like buildin gowners, staff, trainers, web developers, publishers, ISPs, hosting services, advertisers, recruiters, etc.) and also fixed overhead and recruitment cost for every student. As it is non refundable service fees, not a refundable bank deposit/loan, which will be spent for various service providers who do not refund any spent money to HQMT, so it is not possible to refund fees to students after joining or especially after providing technical support after giving access to....hqmt.com, after attending even single live class.  Students must agree unconditionally to this 4th clause to proceed further with HQMT support or training or website access.  HQMT charges service fees for the purpose of training, not for the job, which means getting home or office job entirely depends upon students performance in the employment tests conducted by the recruitment companies, so getting or not getting job is not related to fees of students. No refund under any circumstances; if any issues arise, HQMT will solve it at its best in its capacity,

5) vEHR career is only for min 1-year experienced MTs who have excellent communication skills in US process and must be able to work with US doctors live while working with EMR software in real time (US shift) in 8-hour shift. Once candidates are selected by the respective company in Bangaluru and Hyderabad via selection process, candidates will get stipend of 25,000 to 30,000 per month and utpo 38,000 per month starting salary as decided by respective HR policy of the company. Students must first get paid training from HQMT either online or classroom mode, then work as MT/editor from home or office for at least 1 year to apply for vEHR job, which is decided by respective company HR policy.