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HQMT is India's first SCORM-Compliant MT Training Online Program

SCROM - The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), published by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) project, is a de facto standard for e-learning content.
HQMT Offers World's First and Only medical transcription training online via LIVE ONLINE VIDEO CLASSES - You can see, listen, and experience live MT classroom environment with your MT trainers on 24/7 basis (from Ex-Spheris/HealthScribe, which is India's No. 1 & First Indian MNC MT company that has trained more than 11,000 MTs who are earning from Rs. 10,000 to 48,000 per month).

The E-learning (Online MT Video Classes) package is designed to help the students study in a convenient computer-based environment during MT training online.  The students of HQMT enjoy the flexibility of independent MT study through the E-learning package.  The students can study medical transcription at their own place, pace, and time.  Learning through Interactive Learning Tools (Animations, Videos, Web-based Applications) allows the students to take advantage of E-learning (online medical transcription) benefits without the need to physically attend regular MT classes.  The learning experience becomes more in-depth, flexible, convenient, personalized and above all enjoyable. The E-learning package is rich and valuable; quite often more convenient than classroom/regular medical transcription trainnigJoin Now (Call: 09945264694 or mail to: hqmtindia@yahoo.com) and Become part of Three Trillion$ American Healthcare Industry including Medical Transcription!! - There is 100% Job Guarantee Too After Successful Completion.

Benefits of the E-learning package

    The E-learning package helps students to

·         Upgrade knowledge and skills according to their schedule and flexibility.

·         Students from small towns can benefit from MNC Quality online medical transcription training.

·         Control learning by taking courses at their own pace and repeat them for better understanding. 

·         Web Services 24x7 - access the resources (Videos Classes) on 24 X 7 basis.

·         Increased retention levels with the help of audio-visual aids - a video is worth of million words.

·         Learn MT anywhere, anytime, at home, work, or at any convenient place including traveling.

·         Study online medical transcription theory chapters and other resources.

Test their understanding from time to time throughout the package.

Advantage of Online MT training via Live 3D Video Classes

1.  Advanced 3D Animation Videos to Teach LOM (medical terminology), American English, US Accents, Essentials of MT practice, AAMT Guidelines, etc. You can listen and watch medical terminology in US accents with explanation from US doctors with text on the screen; this will help you to get used to American doctors' accent while you transcribe files.  Get advantage of India's 100% result-oriented online MT trainingnow!

2. MT-Learning is Made Very Easy- No need to mug-up the complicated, difficult-to-understand medical and English grammar books provided by other self-study programs (by other trainingcenters, which are not at all effective). Here, you can just log-in, watch all video classes, repeat them again and again till you understand the subject. You can save at least 60% time compared to reading books and breaking your head, and understand 10 times better than reading books yourself. Watching vidoes to understand medicine, English, US accent, MT essentials, AAMT guidelines, MT rules, Americanism is extremely easy now. As you know, a picture is worth of thousand words, so a video is worth of million words!! Watching a video once to understand a chapter is equal to reading books 10 times.  Learning medical transcription via MT training online was never easy earlier.

3. These videos teach all MT subjects in easy-to-understand language. We have simplified the whole process of understanding medical terminology, US accent, MT practice guidelines, difficult English grammar rules, etc.  Now you can learn MT online without leaving your house from anywhere in India.

4. You can watch in-depth analysis of whole process of transcribing dictation files online via videos; an integrated approach to learn the actual medical transcription process with word-by-word analysis that includes listening to doctors' files, sentence construction, punctuation, blank-buster process, online research with detailed explanation of searching medical and English words in various dictionaries, online internet research skills, applying contextual thinking skills, to accurately transcribe and edit to achieve industry-standard 98.5% and above accuracy.  No one in Asia can teach medical transcription practicals better than HQMT.  When it comes to MT practicals, you can learn MT process better than even regular classes.

5. QA-Learning Process via Online Videos Classes. Learn from Various Errors made by you and other students, get in-depth guidance about how to avoid them, how to search effectively, how to decipher difficult/new/unfamiliar words and phrases, how to anticipate and decipher doctors' dictation accurately, etc. Our innovative error analysis and quality improvement process teaches you how to become quality-consciousness medical language specialist.  Quality MT training online can lead to quality medical transcription professionals - Best online medical transcription trainingcan lead to best home transcription jobs with best salary.

6. Live Online Help and Technical Trouble-shoot (either by chat/phone/mail or voice conference) to clear doubts, solve the issues, and give adequate guidance so that students can learn more effectively step by step.  No headaches, no worry about computer problems, internet issues, and technical knoweldge.  Working from home and home MT jobs are no more imaginary.

7. Learn from No. 1 MNC Trainers with more than 11 years of experience and expertise in MT trainingindustry.

8. World's First Live Online Video Classes in medical transcription training using 3D Flash Animations

9. Placement (HR) Tie-up with World's Largest MNC MT companyto place 100s of MTs per month. [Home MT work or home transcription jobs will be given by our own production unit upon meeting HT criteria]

10. Only training center to teach Asia's first Expert MT course as per AAMT COMPRO guidelines (highest teaching standards in the world)

11. Only online medical transcription training institute to use American Doctors' Theory Class Videos.

12. Trainingby Industry Experts with more than 11 years of experience from India's No. 1 MNC Co. - Spheris (HealthScribe) - first US MNC in India since 1994.

13. Only training center to teach 7 Theory Subjects and 7 practical modules - Other training centers teach only two subjects and teach only BMT files.

14. Asia's First HT-PRO Edge Coursethat is specially designed by Industry Experts for candidates who want to learn and work from home as Home-Based Employee or HBT without going to office.

15. Full Support, Guidance, and Counseling provided to start successful home transcription career (work as home based medical transcription or home transcriptionist) that makes you work in flexible working hours and earning potential in excess of Rs. 100,000 to 600,000 p.a. - Do not miss this opportunity-Join Now (Call 09945264694 or mail to hqmtindia@yahoo.com-remove spaces before and after @) 

CUATION:  It is very difficult and nearly impossible to learn Medical Transcription by self-study courses through buying CDs and Books.  A survey earlier has shown 90% of students who have taken online trainingby purchasing CDs/Books have never learned MT and have lost their time and money.  Now, with the help of Live VIDEO CLASSES by HQMT with Continuous Live online Help, Support, Mentoring, and Guidance, students are able to learn MT effectively, easily, and able to achieve accuracy and able to work from home as home MT or at office.
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